Why Create and Maintain a Blog?

Living in Italy we stared to capture things through iPhones apps such as Delectable for the wines we drink, Yelp for the restaurants and attractions that we try, and Trip Advisor for things associated with travel. This allowed us to records our activities, learn from others and were able to pay it forward with our own contributions.

As we started to educate ourselves with what was available online for the cruising lifestyle, a great deal of it, if not the majority of it, was from blog-based sites. We plan to use this blog for the same kind repository of activities, but specific to those items that take us one step closer to living aboard.

So we’ll capture our experiences here, warts and all, as our little contribution within the growing community of those who, like us, would like to eventually cut the dock lines for good.

Where does “Fake It” come from?

It is kind of an amalgam of various things over the years. We both have been in leadership positions in government, where the expectation placed on individuals can often be quite daunting. Quite early on in our careers, our own leaders/mentors would, in their own way, try and describe how to handle a circumstance when you’re unexpectedly on the spot, in front of a large group, surrounded by superiors, etc. You are required to know your stuff in general, but when faced with such a case, use all the tools at your disposal, throw something together quick and dirty, and get it done in a decisive manner. In other words “fake it.” Do this enough times, and these scenes will become second nature.

There are also many studies that have been done to demonstrate that your posture will not only affect those within your reach, but also it will affect your own mood. In other words, “fake” that you are in charge and confident, and you will be.

Do to our work we have also been required to attend all types of formal events, from those just with our peers to others with (V)VIPs. We are not from this world growing up, both from small towns, so of course frequently we “Fake” putting on airs to look like we fit in, and now such functions are no big deal.

This soon became a punch line with a lot of things in our lives. Someone will say, “you look nice,” and our response would inevitably be “I’m faking it.”

“You smell nice.” — “I’m faking it.” — Etc..

So when we discussed how we wanted to start getting into the cruising lifestyle, something we have no business doing with our non-existent sailing knowledge, we inevitably decided like with everything else, we would “fake it” and eventually it would happen.

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  • Marie-Paule Casey says:

    Enjoy reading all of your post. You are both so darn smart and you write beautifully! Happy your doing what makes you happy. A little sad that I may not see very often if you are sailing around the world. A little selfish I know!

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